The Team

The Team

Turns out a German and 3 Canadians trying to merge lanes to the endless road of stupidity to cross 18 countries over 8 weeks could be the most simultaneously efficient and inefficient team the Mongol Rally has ever seen!

MARKUS | the German Potato

Travel-addict and movie freak with a weird obsession for fantasy. Obviously the one who signed up for the rally without a team and decided to name it Shenlong. Doesn’t care if his team members aren’t much into Dragonball, he already has tons of imaginary friends that are. Has done maybe a few off-road experiences with a 4×4 but never changed a tire before. Nyan Cat for President.

SETH | the Wonder Boy

Traveller and scuba diver forever lost! Has no idea what Dragonball is and met Markus online! (prepared to be catfished). Loves motorsports and tinkering on cars. Changed one or 2 tires before, so hey at least someone in this team knows what a wrench is!  Also pretty good with a yoyo. Whatever boats your float!


GRAYSON | Mr. Out of Service

Is currently out of cell service and any internet connection. As you all know, if you’re not on Instagram you’re probably not relevant so without his knowledge he has been chosen as the chef of our Team and that’s all we have for Grayson.

OLIVER | the Intern

The least travelled member of the team with tons of ambition to catch up on all those travel miles collected by his mates. Self-taught mechanic and owner of way too many rusty cars. Hates rust. Has a decent amount of camping experience. Oh, and he makes puns. Really bad puns.

BULMA | the best Rally Car ever!

Now officially the youngest member of the team! born in 2003 Bulma is barely legal. (stay away boys) somehow she is going to haul 4 guys across 2 continents and up the second highest highway in the world… she is truly the hardest worker on the team.

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