The Sponsors

The Sponsors




We are currently looking for amazing sponsors to make possibly the best advertisement decision possibly made in the history of advertising! (thanks, Trump ).  Your small investment will reach people across 2 continents and over 18 countries in an eight-week period! (what an amazing opportunity!)

If you are interested in discussing the best advertising/sponsorship possibilities possibly in the history of advertising/sponsorship possibilities, please contact us via the email address at the bottom of the page. As mentioned above, anything on our vehicle will be seen around the world in over 18 different countries, as well as on the internet!

We will be blogging about our trip via this website, Facebook, Instagram maybe even Tinder? In addition, we can also send you photos featuring your product/brand.  We are also discussing the possibility of a YouTube channel as well, however this is currently up in the air. (unlike your sponsorship)

To message us for further details, send an email to:

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to read through our ridiculous website and posts, we hope you will consider putting your brand/company on our car!

Seriously, doesn’t this sound like a fantastic opportunity!

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