The Rally

The Rally

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So, what is this all about anyway?

The rules of the Rally are gloriously simple…

1. You can only take a ridiculously unsuitable small vehicle of 1.2 litre or less
2. You’re completely on your own
3. You’ve got to raise minimum £1000 for charity

During the summer of 2018, we are going to raise money for charity by partaking in the Mongol Rally.

The Rally is a 10,000mile/16100km “un-race” from London to Mongolia in some of the most unsuitable vehicles imaginable, all while raising money for various charities. Between the starting point and the finish line, there is no set route whatsoever; teams are free to drive any route that they choose. This is about as far as it is possible to get from an “actual” race, which makes things quite interesting at times.

13th July 2018: Convoy from London to Prague

16th July 2018: Official start ceremony Prague


To quote a page from the event website:

“10,000 miles of adventuring bliss through deserts, mountains and steppe tackled in a car your granny would use for shopping. The Mongol Rally is hurling yourself at 1/3 of the Earth’s surface in woefully unsuitable vehicles to see what happens. Imagine yourself completely lost in a massive desert, hundreds of miles from civilization, driving a car that the laws of physics say should not have got you past the first highway…that’s when the adventure begins. The Mongol Rally; the world’s best generator of chaos.”

Want to know more? Check out the official guide to the rally:


So far, the rally adventure is self-financed by us. If you want you can also donate to Team Shenlong’s drunken conquest fund and support us getting drunk in random dangerous places and possibly being arrested. You’ll find the inconspicuous button at the rear lower end of our Team page.