Mongolia – Day 7 – Ulaan Bataar

Mongolia – Day 7 – Ulaan Bataar

The next morning we found our car nicely parked. No plan what is going on in the people heads here. Meaningless?

We could free our car after one hour, had to stand in the driveway and block the way otherwise they would have parked us even further. The Italians were worse off, they were parked behind 6-7 cars all behind each other.

Around noon we reached the big market and went for a stroll.

Max had parked his Vespa not far from our car, we didn’t stop in front of his Vespa either. In total 30% of the rally teams received a sticker from us without being asked.

Then we visited Congji and his colleague from our selected charity TFCF Mongolia. We got a small guided tour through the new office and even a little present :). 

Through our collective donation of about 4600$ to the TFCF Mongolia Dream Home Ger project we were able to give families in need a new home. The first ones have already moved in.

We did a short oil check in front of the town hall and then we drove off towards Ulan-Ude (Russia) to the finish line.

At midnight we reached the border, were through at two o’clock in the morning. The actual plan was to find a place to sleep somewhere, directly behind the border, unfortunately without success. So we decided to drive through the last three small hours to Ulan-Ude. 

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