Mongolia – Day 5

Mongolia – Day 5

In the morning we started looking for someone who could weld aluminium to seal our oil pan properly. The search was unsuccessful, we were told here in the small town of Bayankhongor we won’t find one, and would have more luck in in the capital Ulaan Bataar.

The two teams from yesterday left us around noon and wished us much success. So we went to work ourselves and used the sidewalk as a ramp to get under the car easier. 

Our oil pan didn’t look very trustworthy with all the cracks, despite being still in one piece…

In a “DIY store” around the corner we found a two-component adhesive and got to work.

When the oil pan was all covered with the epoxy, a Land Cruiser parked next to us, a man got out and looked at what we were doing. He didn’t speak English well, so he made a phone call and passed the phone on to Seth. He knew someone who could weld aluminum. A few seconds later Seth was already sitting in the Land Cruiser with the oil pan and disappeared into the horizon.

After two hours Seth appeared again, with our mended oil pan. :). The guy in the Land Cruiser had actually managed to find someone.

In the end it turned out that Mr. Land Cruiser was the owner of the hotel. We even got some drinks for free :).

After a small lunch we made our way to Ulaan Bataar in the late afternoon.

In the twilight we stopped at a horse monument. Unfortunately we don’t know what kind of horses they were. The atmosphere was pretty cool, just like the temperature.

Originally we had planned to drive through the night to Ulaan Bazaar… But after a few kilometers the road got quite holey and the next flat tire came shortly after. We decided to turn around and drive back to the last town to stay overnight.

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  1. Your epic journey continues and with each of these mechanical setbacks you continue to experience the kindness of fellow rallying folk and strangers! The photos and the story make interesting reading for sure! Thank you for documenting your travels 🤗.

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