Mongolia – Day 1 – Drivers’ Attention!

Mongolia – Day 1 – Drivers’ Attention!

We made it, after 18.000km of driving, we finally crossed the border to Mongolia!

The scenery is incredible. These vast expanses of land remind me a little of New Zealand. The roads are either super good or super bad.

After less than an hour in Mongolia, Seth could only think of one thing: “Only flying is more beautiful than this” and hit a massive bump at 100kmh and nearly took off.

“No no no no – for sure, there were no warning signs”, no problem Seth, I went and counted, there were three signs in a row…

Well, anyway, we’re off the ground, almost out of control. Of course we stopped immediately to check if everything is in order with the car. No, unfortunately not, the oil pan was cracked, and was leaking badly. With the massive force of such an impact, even the skid plate couldn’t save us.

Not even two minutes later A man named Nurshuah and his wife appeared; they had heard the impact and live in the neighbouring village.

We dragged the car to his house and got tea and cookies before we started the analysis and repair. Findings: the oil pan had taken quite a hit – three cracks. Seth of course has a mega bad conscience and said again and again that he lost his driving licence for Mongolia… The “repair” took almost the whole day and our car turned into a children’s playground in the meantime.

The little rascals took our stickers, of course :D.

Everyone helped, even the dog.

The wind was icy, luckily the sun was a bit warm.

Our car now has at least 10 autographs of Abdulla and his siblings.

One of three fractures:

You could tell poor Seth had a really guilty conscience. We have to be careful to not hit the oil pan any more, and need to slow down a bit through Mongolia’s bad roads.

So far the repair has held, and no oil has leaked, let’s hope that this remains the case :).

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