Since our Iran tour starts in Armenia we actually didn’t have to head into Azerbaijan but we had already purchased visas so we decided to make a day trip of it! We drove about 45 minutes to the Georgia/Azerbaijan border only to be treated by the most friendly border guards I have ever met! (Seriously I fist bumped the border guard)

The car took some time to clear customs so we were relaxing at the border gate when 2 older men pointed to some extra beer and snacks on the table they had ordered for us! 

After hanging out at the border gate for about an extra Hour with these guys drinking we decided it was time to start actually driving into the country. 

Whilst driving we had to go through a military passport control checkpoint, while the military was checking our information a very nice gentleman pulled up to make sure everything was okay and took us to a fantastic restaurant. After finishing eating he tried insisting on hosting us for more beers and vodka the next night, sadly we only had one day to spend in azerbaijan. 

After about 3 hours of driving we ended up at the city of ganja! Honestly the city had quite an odd vibe. The streets were huge and empty, we even found an almost abandoned theme park. Honestly one of the creepiest things of come across in the middle of a large city.

After hanging out with a few of the creepiest Disney characters I had ever laid my eyes on we continued through ganja.

After seeing some of the hottest temperatures as of yet we bumped into a huge empty extremely overdone square on the outside of the city. I’ve never seen something like this before. It felt very weird to be around. With barely anyone around.

After driving 3 hours back to the border we arrived to it being closed! We talked with the border guards for a few minutes and they informed us there was one about an hour away. Or 16 km and no bridge haha. but before we left the border, the guard we had met that morning insisted on buying us all coffee. So after the coffee we started the treck through some awful roads in the dark!

We finally made it back to Georgia and into tsbilis around 1am. When we got back we found out that one of the best clubs in the world was throwing a huge event… not much sleep was had that night. Bassiani here we come! Do not drink or storage alcohol in the Dorm! If you follow the rules it should not look like this:

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