Slovakia – Ukraine

Slovakia – Ukraine

After the start we spontaneously joined Robin & Rob to head east, instead of heading southwest as we had planned. After some detours we arrived late in the evening at a camping site in the Tatra Mountains (Slovakia).

After a delicious breakfast that only cost 3€, we moved further east and stopped at a lake and later at a castle, which we had seen from the motorway. We hiked all the way to the top. A little movement, when you otherwise sit in the car for almost the whole day, is great.

At noon we spontaneously decided to drive to Ukraine without any preparations; after all, that’s the point of the rally :D. Hours later at the border our car made a good impression, and when one of the border guards had to radio our license plate, he laughed. We got through mostly without problems, but had not received a stamp from customs and had to drive back to another post. It was all a bit disorganized and just not clear to us. Robin & Rob did not have all the papers with them; specifically they did not have all of the insurance documents that the border guards wanted. After much back and forth, the guard asked them for money. Both simply played dumb and at some point the queue of cars was so long behind them that they were allowed to go. Done, all across the border, after over 2 hours. That was about 8:00 p.m. Welcome to Ukraine.

After several hours of driving we stopped somewhere in nowhere around midnight in a motel, three double rooms for 12€ each. So 6€ per person, can’t say anything bad about that. Because we couldn’t read the menu, we ordered something random for breakfast. Was quite tasty ;-). Lunch is served for breakfast in Ukraine.

We’re now heading for Moldova. The roads are often so full of potholes that you have to be very careful. Everyone drives swerving around both sides of the road to avoid the holes.

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