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Update Update Update

I’m so busy with the preparations for the rally that I barely have time to blog ;-).  Got the first stamp in the passport (Uzbekistan) and the passport has now been at the Iranian Embassy for the past week. I am happy every time the passport comes back in one piece.

About two weeks ago I received a package from the event organisers with the official rally stickers for the car. After some consideration I decided to adapt our team logo to the official rally logo for technical design reasons. After countless hours at the computer I can proudly present our new team logo.

While it wasn’t really necessary, it is really fun to be particularly creative and to think about what the car should look like. When I have a creative phase like the current one, I sometimes end up with funny graphics :D.

For the design that will decorate the bonnet there were also dozens of designs. Over time something always comes along and it always gets a bit better… After a total of 40+h in the last three weeks, this is the final design which will be shown on Bulma’s bonnet soon.

Next item, how do you want the sponsor stickers? No matter how I moved the logos back and forth. It never looked satisfactory.

Maybe just print it out and stick it on, is perhaps a little better to be able to imagine that. But in the end it looked just as stupid as it did on the computer :D.

Finally I got the idea to just take pictures of Bulma in the different side views so that it looks more realistic in the image editing program. Much better than the blueprint. Well, after another tens of hours at the image processing program the final design is fixed. Of course it is not yet published and is only slightly teased in the following photos. In short, Bulma is painted. After I had compiled a list of the colours I needed for the design, I first had to look into paints and varnishes. For example, there is a colour standard called RAL and if the code is the same, no matter from which manufacturer I buy a can, the colour is 100% the same. So I made a list of possible RAL colours that could fit, 14 pieces should fit. In a DIY store a can costs 10-15€ depending on the colour… On eBay classifieds I found an ad from a guy from Dortmund who bought up remaining stock and sold cans for 2€ each Of course, it was all unsorted, so I grabbed my cousin Johannes and we went to the market in Dortmund last Saturday, at half past six in the morning.

After more than an hour of searching we were quite successful and had gotten almost all colors. And all this for only 28€!

In the afternoon the first test took place, the rims are now a bit colorful 😉

Not bad for my first experience with spray paint, but looks a little better on the photo than in real. But I didn’t expect the can to be empty after 3 rims… dark rims, several layers of paint etc. So one day later in the afternoon I drove to Dortmund again. This time I even got all 4 cans I still needed as a present from the guy, really cool!

One day later, stencil made of crepe tape, paper and newspaper. At the end the rims should look like the Dragonballs 😉 Stars stars stars.

Since yesterday I am with our extremely cool and especially helpful sponsor B&L Carservick GmbH in Hilden. Here I have space to work on the car and if I have any questions or if I needed any tools they could provide me with extremely competent help. If one of you ever need a car repair I can highly recommend B&L Carservice in Hilden, the guys there really rock. First, the side trim came off. All in all this is much more work than I had imagined, but it is also really fun!

Warning, Spoilers!

After two hours, my MacBook Air 11″ said goodbye. Used on eBay just two weeks ago for 450€, top condition – 1A everything ok but after 2h on theprojector the graphics unit has left, suddenly no picture, neither internal nor external. It’s really great. My first broken Mac after 12 years. I’m really annoyed, of course it’s no longer guaranteed – The 11″ is also not available at Apple either and it would have been a good value for money for travel. Repair in my trusted Apple Store should cost 540€ and even if I would buy a spare part on the Internet and do the repair myself, the part still costs at least 300€++. Well, just silly. Luckily I have more than one Mac at home so I can continue working without problems.

I learned a lot today, was never so the car wrench until now, but actually that is not soooooo difficult ;-). Depends on what needs to be done.

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