After weeks of car-searching we finally managed to find the perfect. I was calling salesmen and dealers almost every day, arranging appointments to visit, test drive and getting a mechanical inspection, usually the condition was too bad after all, so on to the next car… THEN WE FOUND BULMA!

Bulma is a beautiful 2003 Opel Agila, I was really lucky, checked out mobile.de search in the morning, the car was just posted on the site and I was the first caller/interested person! I checked out the car that same day, the price was great Рit was a very good deal and the condition seemed to be ok. So after a short consultation with the others I bought it. It was time for it because we absolutely needed vehicle documents (customs forms etc.)  for the first visas (Iran/Russia). For Iran we are in a group of four teams and we were the only ones without a car. We are very happy, now we have already checked off a big point on our ToDo list.

The first donations have come in, mostly from the family but it works :). We are also on the hunt for more sponsors!, now with a car we can go on a real sponsor hunt. The story with the old car is also over, What an impact a letter form a lawyer can make!… the previous owner picked up the car yesterday and refunded the purchase price. One thing less to worry about. Thumbs up. And we got our beautiful stickers and business cards :)!

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