What has happened so far.

What has happened so far.

The first time i heard about the Mongol Rally was from my Italian travel buddy Marco in Australia two years ago . Since then the rally has taken a top spot on my bucket list.

Finding a team for such a crazy rally was in the end more difficult than expected. I know a lot of people who wanted to come… but getting commitment for a team proved extremely difficult.

At the end of December I came into contact with a guy from Philadelphia via a Facebook group – He had  registered already officially for the rally and was looking for more team members. At the end of December we met at the 1st Meet & Route beers in London. Had fun and it looked like a perfect fit, so I joined his team.

I spent the following weeks looking for a car, I wanted a Suzuki Wagon R, a well tested Mongol Rally car. At the beginning of March I found a suitable car and immediately contacted my team mate who I hadn’t heard from in a long time. Well short answer was: Sorry Markus, there have been a few things, and I can not do the rally this year and have moved my registration to next year. Great, thank you, I wanted to buy the car tomorrow.

Well, I bought the car anyway, thought I’ll find another team that is looking for someone and doesn’t have a car yet. Yes, there were teams looking for this, but then the idea of time limit, budget and car didn’t fit…

Mid of March I gave up and registered myself. I definitely wanted to do the rally this year, whether I find someone or not. Through a ad in the relevant Facebook groups for the Mongol Rally I got some inquiries. But mostly the people had no realistic idea such as a budget of 1500€ or less, time frame of 3 weeks. (Finish line opens after 4 weeks, closes after 8 weeks. It’s 15,000km….not a short distance to travel especially through around 18 countries.

In the end I got some nice applications with realistic ideas. After several chats and video calls we managed to set up the following team:

Seth – professional diver from Canada – currently lives in Jamaica.
Grayson – mate of Seth – also a professional diver from Canada – lives near Vancouver.
Oliver – studies automotive business in Canada – lives in Ontario.

Time was running out, we had to apply for the first visa by april 1st!: Turkmenistan.

Two weeks ago I went with the car I bought to two garages for an inspection. Looks like I got ripped off. The condition of the car was awful with rust going through the frame. The car got the TÜV (roadworthy certificate) 3 months ago, but should not have passed with the actual condition. Something can’t be right… Currently the seller has a letter from my lawyer, the contract of sale is contested. Let’s see what comes around.

The car search goes on, we are now 4 people and need a little bit more space.

Blog is online but still working on the contents. Business cards and stickers are already designed. Finding sponsors and collecting donations can start soon.


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